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Involvement Opportunities

Want to Stay in Good Standing? Alumnae-At-Large Dues

If you do not live near an Alumnae Association and/or there are not enough Sisters in your area to start one, you have options!


To remain in good standing as an alumna, be sure to pay your national dues via EmpowerNet > Online Store > Alumnae-At-Large Dues > Check-Out


Alumnae-At-Large dues are $65 for the year. When you pay between August 1-31, 2017, you will be considered in good standing for the 2017-2018 year. Have questions? Contact Director of Alumnae & Volunteers, Gina Marino, at or extension 9004.

For more information on current and upcoming involvement opportunities, please contact the current Director of Alumnae & Volunteer Development

Director of Alumnae & Volunteer Development
Phone: 319-774-5370 ext 9004