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National Headquarters Staff




  Executive Director

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Board Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Meeting Logistics
  • Organizational Development
  • Fiscal Management
  • Staff Development & Management
  • Policy Management
  • Ex-officio member of SLG Education Foundation


  Director of Alumnae & Volunteer Development

  Amanda Berenguel Smolka
    319.774.5370 X 9003
    Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide support to and management of Volunteer Leaders 
  • Provide support to the sorority's Alumnae Association
  • Develop and Implement Volunteer Programs and Resources
  • Support SLG Education Foundation


  Director of Education

  Kim Waslawski
    319.774.5370 X 9001
    Primary Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and Support following regions:
    • Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Central, Midwest, North Central
  • Develop Educational Programs
  • Manage Sorority Resources
  • Oversee Program Assessment



  Director of Engagement

  Jessica Torres Estrada
    319.774.5370 X 9002
    Primary Responsibilities:
  • Oversee and Support following regions:
    • Plains, Southern, Southwest, Western, & Northwest
  • Oversee Sorority Initiatives
  • Manage sorority outreach and communication channels
  • Design marketing and branding materials 


  Operations Coordinator

  Karen Hanes
    319.774.5370 X 9000
    Primary Responsibilities:
  • Provide general office support
  • Manage entity paperwork, payments, invoices, and orders 
  • Manage entity accounts

  Member Services Coordinator

    Primary Responsibilities:
  • Entity Expansion
  • Judicial and Adjudication Coordinator
  • Track and Report Sorority Statistics 
  • Volunteer Verification and Appointment

  Executive Director Emerita

  Mary Peterson