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Young Women's Leadership Program

The SLG Young Women’s Leadership Program is an 8-week emotional intelligence (E.I.) program facilitated by Sigma Lambda Gamma Alumnae Associations. This program was designed to encourage adolescent girls of all backgrounds to become aware of and increase their emotional intelligence in order to develop basic leadership skills, pursue high academic goals, and become catalysts for change in their community.

This program was grounded in two principles of emotional intelligence: Self Awareness and Relationship Management. It has developed around these two competencies because we want young women to build their self-esteem and their relationships with others during this very critically developmental age. In addition to these two competiencies, the five founding principles of Sigma Lambda Gamma are serve as the underlying impetus for this program: Academics, Cultural Awareness, Community Service, Social Interaction and Moral & Ethics.

The Young Women's Leadership Program strives to promote self-awareness, positive self-esteem, resiliency and post-secondary education aspirations within future women leaders of the world.