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Establish an AA

A group of initiated members may collaborate to create a local Alumnae Association.  The criteria for creating an alumnae association are as follows:

  • A minimum of 5 initiated women of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. must be assembled to becoming chartered.
  • Each petitioning Alumnae Association submits the following:
    • Each petitioning member must complete the Alumnae Member Profile Form.
    • A name for the Association. Alumnae Associations are named by geographical area (i.e. Chicago Metropolitan, or District of Columbia Metropolitan).
    • A one-time Chartering Fee of $250.00
    • Bylaws for the Alumnae Association. Modified bylaws must be sent each paperwork cycle.

Getting Started
  1. Recruitment Efforts 
  • Begin by reaching out to other alumnae by utilizing our Sorority list groups.  Some recommendations include: SLG Alumnae Email Listserv (Google group), and your respective Regional email lists. Also feel free to use social media when looking for sisters in your area.  You can also contact the local area chapters and invite their alumnae to join the alumnae association. Please contact HQ for contacts with local chapters.
  1.  Notify Headquarters
  • Contact Headquarters and inform them of your intention.  Headquarters will forward a letter to formalize your intention.  The packet contains the following:

o   A letter explaining the process and asking for the required fees.
o   Alumnae Member Profile form
o   The interested group should submit a petition for chartering package with all the required paperwork as listed in the Alumnae Association Interest Letter.

  1. Additional Tasks
  • Review the forms due every year for the Association.
  • Establish an organization email account for the Association.  Headquarters can subscribe the email address to the SLG Alumnae Associations Google Groups account.