Collegiate Development Programs

The Journey: Associate Member Education Program

The Journey is the official 8-week Associate Member Education Program of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority. This program guides Associate Members through a journey of empowerment and self-discovery by implementing positive member education through a series of lessons and activities facilitated by their respective entity educator(s).

Panther Prep: Academic Program

Panther Prep is the national academic program of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority. This semester-long academic program combines a series of resources and workshops to assist individual members in creating a personalized academic plan. Panther Prep was specifically designed to utilize the entity Scholarship Chair. As participants execute their personal academic plan for the semester, the Scholarship Chair is responsible for establishing checkpoints and providing workshops to ensure participants remain on track.

Standards of Distinction: Entity Assessment Program

Standards of Distinction is the national annual assessment program of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority. This program ensures the development and success of its collegiate entities and provides entities with a guideline of expectations to follow in order to reach the highest level of distinction. Standards of Distinction assesses different areas which all entities of Sigma Lambda Gamma need to maintain.

Entities are provided with standard criteria to meet within each area of assessment. Each criterion holds a specific point value which, when added up, calculates a score placing that entity in corresponding rank.

Once an entity submits their final Standards of Distinction score and rank at the end of the academic school year, the National Headquarters Office generates a report on the quality of Sigma Lambda Gamma’s entities across the nation and awards the Excellent and Distinct entities with a certificate and recognition at either National Convention or National Sisterhood Retreat.

Amethyst: Entity Curriculum

The Amethyst Program is the national curriculum for Sigma Lambda Gamma to educate colonies and struggling collegiate entities on how to become high functioning entities of the national sorority. This curriculum walks entities through a series of lessons, assignments and reflections which teach about the best practices of Sigma Lambda Gamma’s collegiate entities.

Emotional Intelligence Modules

Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) Modules are available for all members of Sigma Lambda Gamma. These modules are used to assist members with developing specific skills of emotional intelligence for personal and leadership development. There are 18 different modules focused on different competencies of E.I. A mixture of hands-on learning experiences are facilitated through these modules, as well as opportunities for reflection, engagement with other sisters and learning about themselves. The learning that takes place has both immediate and lifelong impact.